Jumps for Hope 
Finding a cure starts with hope
Fighting cancer with freefall

You can help the mission of Jumps for Hope by participating in one of our events and finding out just how empowering skydiving can be.  Or, if skydiving isn't for you but you want to help, you can make a tax deductible donation to Jumps for Hope.

We appreciate your support and help in our fight against cancer.  Every donation will make a difference!  

Donations are tax deductible.

You can also send a check payable to Jumps for Hope to:
PO Box 84
Minnesota City, MN 55959                                                                                 

With your help, we will achieve our goals! 

Email: contact@jumpsforhope.com
515-635-JUMP (5867)
Mailing address:  Jumps for Hope, PO Box 84, Minnesota City, MN 55959

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Comments from participants:

"My own personality got me on the plane.  The cancer pushed me out.  There's not much fear once you have that diagnosis.  You feel really fortunate and say to yourself, why fear anything?"

"You think about the challenges that people with cancer have had, what they have done just to stay alive and be here with us.  If they can do that, I can do something that's out of my comfort zone that I never thought I would or could."

"We all like to have thrills in life.  We all like to have challenges.  But sometimes we need a little push to get over that fear factor.  In this case, I guess cancer has allowed me to get over that fear factor."

"This started with booking for a relative for a jump for her birthday.  Now we can't resist and are signing up!"

Our Mission

The mission of Jumps for Hope, a tax exempt 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, is to raise funding for research of cancer causes and cures, as well as funding for patient needs and care.  We will identify needs and determine how we can effectively and efficiently assist with those needs by collaborating and coordinating with other organizations that share our mission.

History of Jumps for Hope
After making her first skydive in September 2011, Alana Wilson, Founder of Jumps for Hope, knew she found a new passion.  She soon decided to pair her passion of skydiving with her desire to fight cancer and launched Jumps for Hope in 2012.  Skydiving has impacted her in such a positive way she wants people to try skydiving and help raise money for the battle against cancer at the same time.  From cancer survivors celebrating life to jumping in memory of a loved one, she encourages everyone to participate in a Jumps for Hope event.  (Read more about her story in Parachutist Magazine)

As of June 2014, Jumps for Hope has raised over $26,000.  Proceeds from the events have helped families coping with cancer as well as funded cancer research.